Luxury Flowers

Sweetheart - Hatbox from €42.95
Pure Bliss - Hatbox from €42.95
Colour Burst - Hatbox from €42.95
Purple Majesty - Hatbox from €42.95
White Roses - Hatbox from €49.95
Pink Roses - Hatbox from €49.95
Sweetheart - Vase from €49.95
Pure Bliss - Vase from €49.95
Colour Burst - Vase from €49.95
Purple Majesty - Vase from €49.95

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Sweetheart - Basket from €49.95

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Colour Burst - Basket from €49.95

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Purple Majesty - Basket from €49.95

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Reasons to Send Luxury Flowers

There is never a wrong time to send flowers to friends, family, and loved ones. If you are looking for a reason to let the people closest to you know that you’re thinking of them, we’ve put together a few occasions that are perfect for luxury flower delivery.


A good way to ensure that you don’t forget to remember the birthdays of your friends and family members is to make sure you have all of them noted on a calendar. Beyond that, it is helpful to glance a month or two ahead so you know who has birthdays coming up. If you know anyone that is celebrating a milestone birthday such as his or her 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday, sending him or her a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a sure way to celebrate the occasion in style. 

Milestone Anniversaries

If you know a happy couple that is celebrating how many years they have been married, there is no better way to congratulate them than by sending a luxury flower delivery Ireland. Imagine the look of surprise your parents will have as they receive flowers to celebrate their milestone anniversary.

Luxury Flower Delivery

Searching for a great way to celebrate all of the wonderful events? Whether you need luxury flower delivery for a milestone birthday, anniversary, or any special events, Flowers Direct is here for you.