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One of our favourite tropical flowers, orchids are beloved among many. The phalaenopsis orchids are loved in bouquets because of their long lives, and cymbidium orchids are a great winter bloom that add colour and beauty to any bouquet. Shop our selection of gorgeous orchids, from a simple orchid bouquet to a vase of blue orchids to a large mixed arrangement, perfect for a Get Well gift or a Sympathy bouquet.

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2 Stem White Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant2 Stem White Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
2 Stem Pink Orchid Plant2 Stem Pink Orchid Plant

Stunning orchids crafted into unique, beautiful and long-lasting arrangements, bouquets and posies using Moth orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, Singapore orchids and more. Long-lasting. Deal directly with Locally owned Premium Florist. Same day delivery. Quality Guarantee.

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Thriving in tropical climates, orchids are one of Ireland’s favourite flowers. If what you need is a bright, hand-cut orchid at an affordable price, then Fresh Flowers has a bud for you.Don’t neglect the value of gifting orchids, particularly if you intend for them to be displayed in a vase at home or in the office. They’ll bloom for months if given proper care, and this is why they’re such a popular choice to thank someone special.

Vibrant Colours

Traditionally a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty, white orchids are the perfect flowers to remind someone dear that you’re thinking of them. But our range is far more diverse than you might realise, including a riot of colours. From purple majestic for mum’s dining table to a mixed bouquet of premium buds to celebrate an anniversary, a bunch of orchids blooms with ornamental value. Orchids are fabulous when stylishly arranged in bouquets or vases. We’ll serve you up a beautifully designed bunch of flowers that is sure to impress.

It’s Easy to Buy Orchids Online

If orchids are what you need then rest assured that Fresh Flowers’ online ordering process is simple and efficient. Our online florist delivers to most major Ireland counties and their surrounding suburbs. If you’re in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Kildare, Wexford or Limerick, then we’ll deliver to you on the same day or next day delivery.